Deluxe Boxes for Media – Box Type Books, Discs, Vinyl


Deluxe Boxes for Media Box Printed Packaging, Custom Designs, Styles, Materials
- 2 Piece Sets, 1 Piece Hinged, Magnetic Flap, Folding, Side Loading
- Spot Gloss, Foil Stamping, Embossing / Debossing
- Linen, Fabric, Leather
Made Especially for Media Box Sizes including Books, Vinyl Records, and Discs (CD DVD BluRay)
- Book Slipcase Box Sets
- Vinyl Record Box Sets
- Multidisc Box Sets
- Mixed Media Box Sets
Media Manufacturing

You might think of a box as well, just a box. But we make deluxe boxes for media that are definitely thinking outside the box. You’ll find hinged boxes, 2 piece sets, side loading slipcase sets, sliding boxes, and fun folding boxes. We have special materials from rigid chipboard for sturdiness, to soft touch linen, vegan leather, textured fabric paper, and velvety soft lamination. Our printing effects such as foil stamping, embossing or spot gloss bring an extra touch of elegance to the box. Media Boxes are made all kinds of media types such as paper books, vinyl records, discs, or some combination of mixed media.  You’ll love our versatility!

Deluxe Boxes for Media
Box Types & Media Sizes


2 Piece Boxes

Deluxe Box Sets - Wrapped Chipboard

Deluxe Box Set Packaging is generally made with a thick core material called chipboard. The chipboard gives the box sturdiness. However chipboard is not meant to be seen. We can wrap it with either a printed paper wrap which is laminated in place, or we can wrap it with a material like linen or faux leather.  The boxes can be made in a any size or shape.

  • Multiple Styles / Dies
  • 4C Printing + Lamination
  • Linen, Fabric, or Leather Wrap
  • Special Printing Effects
  • OBI / BellyBands are great add-ons.

2 Piece Wide, Gift Box Style

We can make 2 Piece Boxes in a Gift Box style which is usually more wide than tall.

  • CD Box Sets are 5×5″ variations
  • Vinyl Box Sets are 12×12″ variations
spot gloss on chipboard box


Vinyl Box Set 2 piece top and bottom 12inch

2 Piece Top Loading Box

This top loading box loads vertical. The top, detachable lid lifts off for a view of the items inside. For this multidisc title, we made the discs with individual 2pp jackets and nice companion booklet.

Deluxe Box Sets

Philip Glass Deluxe Box Sets


Hinged Boxes, 1 Piece

Hinged a Pizza Box!

These types of media boxes open like a pizza box. They are 1 piece and made with thick chipboard inside. We’ve made hinged boxes for cd 5inch height, dvd 7inch height, educational workbook height 9inch, and vinyl record 12inch height. The depth can be whatever you need it to be to hold the contents.  We can help you with books or notebooks to go in the back of the box, and built in sleeves.

  • 1 Piece,  Pizza Box Style
  • Sturdy Boxes, Thick Chipboard Core
  • 5″, 7″, 9″, 12″, Custom Sizes
  • Can Holds Books & Notebooks
  • Optional Fold Out Sleeves
  • Optional Hanging Sleeves

Swinging Sleeves

We can create a sleeve to hold a record or one or two discs that is part of the binding, so it swings like a very thick page. Swinging sleeves can be a solid color or printed, and can have a hole cut our or a thumb notch if desired.

Vinyl Record Set 12Inch Fiberboard Swinging Sleeves

Vintage Vinyl Set Multiple Swinging Sleeves

Boxes with Fold Out Sleeves

Sleeves can be built into a box and can either be single sleeves or fold out sleeves. You can use sleeves to hold discs, records, booklets, or just be solid panels to act as a divider.

Hinged Boxes for USB Media

This box was made for Dolby. It had a silver metallic flood on the inside and a custom cut foam well for the USB. We offer a large variety of USB models. If you want a USB and disc combination, we have some special box solutions for USB mixed media set combinations.

Deluxe box sets, usb box made for Dolby, usb drive with foam well to hold dongle, black printing outside with white logo, metallic ink flood inside

Deluxe box sets, usb box made for Dolby, usb drive with foam well to hold dongle, black printing outside with white logo, metallic ink flood inside


Side Loading Boxes

Rigid Side Loading Boxes

Rigid side loading slipcase boxes are also made chipboard core material. These study boxes are formed and glued, and generally do not fold flat. The chipboard tooling requires a minimum width in order for us to wrap it. The products inside need to be about 2cm wide in order for us to use chipboard. For example 4 discs or records  in 2pp jackets can work, or a thicker packaging like a 4pp LP or digipak could be used, or a book could be added.  Chipboard can be wrapped with 4C print, or wrapped with a fabric paper, leather, or linen.

  • Rigid Side Loading Boxes
  • Minimum width 2cm
  • Printed 4C + Lamination
  • Wrapped with Linen, Fabric, Leather

Linen Fabric Wrap

We can wrap the box set with either a fabric like linen or hemp. These types of cloths have a fairly loose weave so printing is best done with a simple silkscreening design or foil stamping.

See Also Linen and Leather Wraps

Linen wrapped box sets, gold foil stamping, deluxe multidisc digipak set

Linen wrapped boxes vinyl and cd slipcase set collection with linen wrap and gold foil


Fabric Paper Wrap

Fabric paper is a wonderful way to provide texture to a chipboard product. This type of wrap can be silkscreened and captures a good amount of detail. Many of our clients choose this type of wrap when they want texture and detail that printing on linen can’t achieve. The fabric paper can be ordered in several colors.

Rigid chipboard box slipcase fabric wrapwhisky bottle box deluxe retail product boxes open view 3

Leatherette or Vinyl Material Wrap

If you would like a leather bound box set, we have a leatherette type of material we can use. no, it’s not real leather, it’s actually a vinyl type of material. If you want to print it, we recommend Foil Stamping. Or you can do Embossing / Debossing.

Deluxe Box Set Leatherette wrap material on chipboard core spiral notebook and diipaks inside

Leather wrapped box set

Multi Disc Rigid Boxes

Multidisc Boxes can be made of a chipboard core and wrapped with either 4C print or a material. They can be made to hold multiple volumes of discs, each disc packaged in its own packaging. Common choices for the inner packaging include digipaks and jackets.
See Also Multidisc Sets


Nesting Slipcase Boxes

Nesting Slipcase Box Set

Two slipcase boxes can be used to create a nested set for increased sturdiness or display options. The slipcase box set is made of a slightly larger outer box and smaller inner box.

  • 2 Piece nested Box Set
  • Larger Outer Box & Smaller Inner Box
  • Artcard Material
  • 4C Printing
  • Folds Flat
  • Popular for Books

Book slipcase set nesting boxes

Nesting slipcase box set for books, book slipcase box set, maverickSlipcase set 2 piece box nesting or interlocking made for maverick publishing

Box Bellybands

Consider a fun bellyband around the box! Spot Gloss/ matte Lamination add an elegant touch.

deluxe retail product box with custom foam insert to hold whisky glasses spot gloss bellybandSpot gloss matte lamination bellyband FourSeasons

Folding ArtCard Slipcases

Artcard Folding Slipcases

Most slipcases are made of artcard which is very convenient for reducing shipping weight and cost. Artcard is a cardboard stock that can be anywhere from 310gsm (15/16pt thickness depending on paper type) to 18pt on up to 28pt thickness. You can do a variety of fun things with this type of packaging including creative die cuts, printing effects, or fun types of paper stocks such as fiberboard or recycled.

  • Artcard Slipcase
  • 310gsm +
  • Fold Flat
  • Optional Die Cut Windows
  • Optional Thumbnotches
  • Tube, or 1 Wall Open or Fully enclosed

Slipcase made with artcard, collapsible

Slipcase for books artcard folds flat

Die Cuts

Die cuts including windows, circles, squiggly shapes, lettering, thumbnotches are all possible with artcard slicpases.

Custom Packaging DVD Set Tall Digipak 4 disc set with booklet and slipcase with die cut holes



Speciality Boxes

Wooden Boxes

These types of boxes require a special paint to be sprayed on them for artwork.  The below box is show with an embedded video screen and a nice metal clasp.

Promotional Video Player Packaging with wooden retail product box promotional packaging, built in video screen 4.3inches

Boxes with Drawers

We can also build pull out drawers for boxes.

Video Box with pull out drawers on each side hinged 7inch video screen

Custom Folding Boxes

Folding Boxes have versatility in what they can hold. The best part is that they fold flat for lower cost shipping. If you need a foam insert to cushion products inside, we can help with that!

Retail product folding box artcard and foam, electronics razor headphones

Retail product folding box

Video Boxes with Magnetic Flap

A popular box type with our video screen is a Magnetic Flap Panel. When we make these with video panels, the magnetic switch triggers the video auto play.

video player box plays video, holds product in foam well

We also have a new special box being released soon that allows your fans to buy a box a the show and receive a downloaded video of the show they attended! Coming soon – Concert in a Box

Concert in a Box TM

More examples @ CD DVD Box Set Photo Gallery


ESI Custom Packaging, Media Manufacturing

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