Vinyl Box Sets, Custom Printed Boxes for Vinyl Records

Vinyl Box Sets, Custom Printed Boxes for Vinyl Records

Custom made boxes for vinyl records, 1 and 2 piece sets, slipcases,
4C printed, or linen fabric

What can go into vinyl box sets?

We manufacture vinyl boxes for records as well as other items such as LP covers, inner sleeves, books, discs, USB thumb drives, stapled booklets or “zines”, posters, photos, art cards, download cards, stickers, and more. We manufacture optical media and paper items, but not the actual records, which you will probably want to insert. Retail swag such as shirts, coasters, and keychains are also popular inclusions.

  • 12″, 10″, or 7″ Vinyl records
    packaged in covers or Inner Sleeves
  • Discs, USBs
  • Books, Booklets, Posters, “Zines”
  • Photos, Art Cards, Download Cards
  • Retail Items / Products
  • Embedded Video Player

What are the sizes of vinyl boxes?

We make vinyl boxes in a variety of dimensions, for records these are usually around a 12″ or 305mm theme but the actual size should be determined by the items being held.

If we are making the inside contents such as LP covers, inners sleeve, or booklets, we’ll be able to determine the dimensions for the box for you. However if you are inserting your own contents, you’ll need to tell us the exact box dimensions you want to make.

  • Custom made sizes
  • Usually variations on 12″ / 305mm

What vinyl box styles are popular?

Custom manufacturing is what we do, so there is not a limit of what styles we can make. However, certain styles seem to be very popular for vinyl records including 1 piece hinged boxes, 2 piece sets, and rigid, side loading slipcase boxes. Top loading boxes are also an option but not as popular. We can also do a regular artcard slipcase – see further below.

2 Piece vinyl boxes, custom printed vinyl box sets for 12" or smaller records

2 Piece Box Sets

Deluxe box sets, hinged box made for Dolby, black printing outside with white logo, metallic ink flood inside

1 Piece Hinged Box

Rigid Side Loading Slipcase Box Set, vinyl record 12inch and disc 5inch set shown

Rigid Side Loading Slipcase Set

CD DVD Box set top loading chipboard core

2 Piece Top Loading Box Set

Min. Manufacturing Qty?

At least 100 units, much more cost effective at 300 quantity and up.

How are the records packaged?

Records frequently have some sort of packaging for protection such as inner sleeves, or a sturdier, printed LP cover. There are a lot of LP cover packaging variations such as 2pp, 4pp panels, single or double records, thinner artcard or a thicker chipboard material, and even linen wraps. We also made hardcover vinyl books which are very sturdy.

Records in these types of packaging are usually loose in a box rather than attached to the box.

  • Inner sleeves
    • Printed or unprinted, white or solid colors, die cut holes and notches
  • LP Covers
    • 2pp, 4pp, Artcard to chipboard thickness
    • Side load or top load
  • Hardcover Vinyl Books
    • Thick chipboard core, inner pages, 4C linen fabric, or leather

Can the records or other media be attached to the box?

Yes! We can also build the records or other media into the box set by using a foam wall, a fold out sleeve, hanging sleeve, or glued on pockets.

  • Foam walls, especially good for odd sized or mixed media
  • Fold out or hanging sleeves especially good for multiple items
  • Glued on pocket sleves, attached to end panels

Rigid Box Set Materials

We make Vinyl Box Sets with a rigid chipboard core material that makes them sturdy, similar to a cigar box. The boxes are fully formed and the chipboard core material is wrapped with either full color (4C) print, or a material such as linen fabric or leather.

  • Chipboard core
  • Wrapped with paper or material

Non-rigid Artcard Slipcases

Artcard Slipcases are thinner stock and generally collapsible, which means they can fold flat. They are made of a paper stock (15/16pt 310gsm or thicker), and can be double walled or laminated for additional thickness. They are also great candidates for die cuts!

  • Artcard paper 310gsm+
  • Lamination available
  • Tube, 3 Wall, Tuck Flap styles
  • Doublewall construction available
  • Die Hole Cuts for lettering, shapes, or windows

Outside Wrap
Printed Paper vs Linen Fabric

Printed paper wraps are glued to the outside of the box and laminated in place (matte or glossy lam) as part of the construction process. Printing is usually 4C but can also be PMS inks. Another great option are special material wraps including Linen, Fabric Paper, or Leather.

  • Printed wrap with lamination
    • 4C or PMS Ink
    • Matte lam or gloss
  • Linen fabric, silkscreened 1C or foil stamped
  • Textured fabric paper, 1 or
    4C printing
  • Leather (vegan), foil stamped or debossed

Inside Wrap

The inside of a vinyl box can be unprinted (white), wrapped with a solid color like black matte, or printed. Foam lining is also available.

  • Unprinted white
  • Solid black or other color
  • Printed 1C or 4C
  • Foam panel

Special Printing Effects

One of our specialities is special effects printing, such as hot foil stamping, spot gloss, and raised relief. We are also really good with spot ink colors. Some effects should be only printed on crisp white paper, while others work well with different materials. For example, leather cannot be printed, but can be foil stamped or debossed.

  • Foil stamping
  • Spot gloss / matt lam
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Spot colors
  • Metallic inks

OBI Strips, Belly Bands, & Bags

We can add an OBI strip or bellyband to any box set. These are whatever dimensions you would like them to be. The ends are usually glued but a sticker can be used to secure them. Bags can help protect the boxes from scratching (custom made).

  • Custom size OBI / Belly Band
  • 4C/0C Printing
  • Glued or sticker seal
  • Plastic bags for box protection

Deluxe Boxes with Video Panels 

We also make deluxe boxes with video screen LCD panels embedded in them. We have a special Concert-in-a-Box (TM) product line that allows you to sell a box at the concert to hold products and swag, and send a recording of the concert a few weeks later. Or perhaps you want to sell your vinyl record set with a pre-recorded video of a show. Whatever the case, we have you covered!  Be sure to check out our video box pages.

Photos of Vinyl Box Sets, Mixed Media Sets, Media Boxes, and Artcard Slipcases