USB Packaging Estimate with USB Manufacturing

This is the right form for getting a quote on your usb manufacturing and usb packaging estimate. We’ll need to know a bit about the type of USB you’d like to manufacture and details on the printed packaging:

  • USB Manufacturing
    • Model, Capacity, Printing, Preloaded Data
  • USB Printed Packaging
    • Custom jacket
    • Custom box
    • Custom digipak
    • Any other items (book, notebook, disc, etc.)

Tell us about your project!

Tell us about the USB media and packaging you want to manufacture. If you have a spec (normally this is from your graphics artist), we can do a detailed manufacturing cost for you. Otherwise we can go over feasibility and give you a ballpark figure to start you down the right path.  We are happy to help fill in the details or make recommendations. A budget is super helpful to make sure we are suggesting things that work in your price range.

Here’s what we’d like to know: 

(Please note – 300 units minimum)
Media (what type of usb drive, capacity, preloaded, etc, and any other media needed)
Disc Packaging Details (Box, Foam Tray Jacket or Digipak or Book, etc.)
Proofing (PDF, physical, test discs, press proofs, etc.)
Assembly (insertion & shrinkwrap, or bulk if you are going to insert items)
(standard one address in US, express, split, overseas – provide address)
Schedule (approx. manufacturing date)
Budget (approx. range)




    -- Special Proofing, Assembly, or Shipping


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