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Browse photos of custom packaging based on the packaging categories including examples of hardcover books, digipaks, multidisc, vinyl, box sets, video screens, usb, and more!

Media Manufacturing

We manufacture most types of media (cds, dvds, blurays, books, video players, usbs, etc) but there are a few speciality types (vinyl records, cassettes) that we do not. For those items, we can provide just the packaging.

Window Shop & Customize Away

If you aren’t sure what type of packaging you want to make yet, browse the categories and get up to speed on all the fun terminology in the world of printing and packaging. Or if you basically know what you want to manufacture but you are looking for some fun twists, check out these custom packaging photos from our titles for some good ideas.

Because nothing we do is off-the-shelf, we can customize everything. For instance, if we don’t have a die for the packaging you want to create already, we can make you one. Please feel free to pick and choose features you like for multiple titles. Once you know what you want to make, reach out to us for a manufacturing quote!

Minimum Quantity

Please note minimum order size and media requirements on the quote request form. Because commercial presses have set up costs involved, they are only suitable for larger quantity runs.


Types of Custom Packaging:


Hardcover CD Book, chipboard core with 4C wrap gold foil stamping
Hardcover Books with Pages & Media

Photos of Hardbound CD DVD Books

Hardbound Books are just like coffee table books or text books because they are made in the same way – with a wrapped, rigid chipboard core.
Think: Coffee Table Book

  • Rigid Chipboard Core Material.
  • Available with a 4C Wrap, Linen, or Leather Vinyl Material.
  • CD Size = 5×5 inch
  • DVD Size = 5×7 inch
    • Vertical
    • Landscape
  • Vinyl Size = 12inch
  • Custom Size…whatever you want to make
  • Tray, Hub, Glued on Pocket, Fold out Pocket, Swinging Pocket to hold the disc(s).
  • Inner Pages 8pp on up. Stapled, Saddle Stick or Perfect Bound.

Box Sets

Rigid, Chipboard Boxes Any Media, Any Size

Photos of Deluxe Box Sets

Deluxe Box Sets are rigid boxes that we make to showcase your collection such as multiple discs, books, mixed media, or whatever you would like the boxes to hold.
Think: Cigar Box

  • Dimensions:
    • CD size 5 inch variations
    • Larger 8 or 12 inch variations to include books
  • Hinged or 2 Piece, Top & Bottom, or Vertical Loading
  • 4C Wrap, Linen, or Leather Vinyl
  • Inside foam wells, hubs, pull out sleeves, etc.
  • Can be designed to hold CDS, DVDS, USB, Vinyl Records, Retail Items, Photos, Posters, Books and more.


Custom die cut window in tall digipak packaging showcasing a booklet image
Uses Trays to Hold Media

Photos of Custom Digipaks

Digipaks have trays to hold discs but there are many variations such as foam trays that allow the media to be expanded beyond discs. Not to mention the fun die cuts we can do.
Think: Tray

  • Clear Trays
    5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch Dbl Disc
  • Paper Trays
    100% Recycled, Cork Hub
  • Foam Trays
    Custom Die Cut, Holds chunky items like a USB
  • Digipak Height
    Determined by Tray Height, plus sometimes a Filler Item
  • Number of Panels
    4pp Bi Fold, 6pp Trifold, 8pp & 10pp
  • Pockets, Booklets, Business Card Slots
  • Die Cut Windows
  • Unique Paper Stocks


custom die cut packaging special shape jacket cd dvd
Die Cut Jackets, Any Size & Shape

Photos of Custom CD DVD Jackets

Jackets are truly remarkable because they can be die cut in any shape or size, and they can have many combinations of features.
Think: Versatile, Custom

  • Any Size or Shape.
  • Special Paper Stocks (recycled, matte, fiberboard, uncoated, etc), finishes, and thicknesses.
  • Add Die Cuts such as Cut Outs, Windows, and Shapes.
  • Hold discs:
    • Pockets
    • Hubs
    • Glued on Sleeves
    • Swinging Sleeves

BlueNote LPs

BlueNote CD, thick chipboard core
LPs Made with Thick, Rigid, Chipboard Core

Photos of Retro LP Packaging

CD or Vinyl LPs If you like retro, then these are for you! We studied our vintage and as a result, we make these just like they used to. BlueNote thickness, definitely not a standard cd jacket.
Think: BlueNote, Rigid, Vintage, Retro

  • CD LPs can be single or double disc but pockets generally face outward.
  • Booklets & Posters.
  • Inner Sleeves
  • CD 5 Inch Size
  • Vinyl Album 12 Inch
  • 4C Wrap & Lamination.


Vintage Vinyl LP Record Ser Swinging Sleeves
12inch Vinyl Record Packaging

Photos of Retro LP Packaging

Vinyl is back! Although we do not make the records, we can put our old-school packaging to good use to create packaging for your run of vinyl. We offer lots of options rom albums to collector sets.
Think: Record Albums, Vinyl Books, Vinyl Collector Sets

  • Album LP Covers.
    • 2pp
    • 4pp Single or Dbl
    • Inner Sleeves
    • Booklets & Posters
    • OBI Strip
  • Swinging Sleeve Album for one or multiple records.
  • Vinyl Book for one or multiple records and/or discs.
  • Vinyl Box Set for albums or mixed media.
  • Options for 4C, Linen, or Leather Wrap.

Multidisc Sets

Cost effective and eco-friendly spec made for TED TALKS
Numerous Options for MultiDisc Sets.

Photos of Multidisc Sets

Multidisc Sets are made to hold any number of discs and other items too, such as books, notebooks, posters, business cards, and other media.
Think: Sets

  • Slipcase Sets bundling jacket, LP, book, or digipak volumes.
  • Large 2-14 Disc Digipaks or Jackets
    • 5 Inch CD Height
    • 7 Inch DVD Height
    • 9 or 10 Inch Height
    • 12 Inch Vinyl Height
    • Plus or Cross Shaped
  • Hardcover Books with Swinging Sleeves
  • Box Sets that hold any type of media.
  • Riveted Wallets

Rigid Slipcases

Slipcase box made with chipboard core rigid, fabric wrap, deluxe cd box set 4 discs
Rigid Slipcase Box made with Chipboard Core, 24Oz

Rigid Slipcase Boxes are made with a chipboard core and usually are fully formed. Chipboard core boxes are wrapped with paper or special material.
Think: Rigid Box, Rigid Side Loading Box

  • Requires a width of just under 2cm to tool the chipboard and is usually used for sets.
  • Chipboard is wrapped
    • 4C Print & Lamination – works with all art.
    • Linen Wrap – simple 1C silkscreen or foil.
    • Fabric Paper Wrap – handles a bit more detail silkscreen or foil (art dependent).
    • Leather Wrap – foil stamping, optio for debossing.

ArtCard Slipcases

Slipcase made with artcard, collapsible
Collapsible Slipcases made with ArtCard 310gsm+

Slipcases go over some kind of other packaging to dress it up or bundle together multiple volumes. They are usually 310 to 340gsm thickness.
Think: Movie Jacket, Folds Flat

  • Made for Any Size
  • Tube, 1 Wall Open, or Fully Enclosed.
  • Option for Double Wall Construction to increase thickness and reach of print inside.
  • 4C Print
  • Options for many types of paper stocks (matte uncoated, recycled, fiberboard, etc.).
  • Options for many thicknesses and lamination.
  • Options for Special Effects like Spot UV Gloss.
  • Options for Die Cuts.

Video Players

Video Box with LCD Panel 7Inch Screen, die cut wells for retail items, 7inch screen
Video Players Embedded in Packaging

Photos of Video LCD Packaging

LCD Video Panels Not only do they play the video and menu that we program into it, but the best part is that the video can be changed! These are somewhat expensive, but the minimum order is significantly less than other media.
Think: cutting edge promotional, high-end, deluxe, educational

  • Video Panels range from 4.3 to 10 inches, because this is an important cost factor, we usually start with screen size first.
  • The panels are embedded in packaging such as a 4pp brochure or a custom made box, so the type of packaging is what we want to determine next.
  • Buttons are custom programmed to a menu so the user can select video options.
  • Video can also be re-uploaded and changed via the USB port.
  • Available in boxes, books, 3 ring binders, desktop kiosks, brochures, and cards.

USB Drive Packaging

Custom Fit USB Box

Photos of USB Packaging

USBs usually like to be cushioned in foam or held in place with cardboard because they are somewhat bulky and require some depth in the packaging. Because we have creative clients, we also have creative USBs and ways to hold them.
Think: chunky USBs.

  • USB Boxes can be any size but 5×5 is very popular with our clients. Although we encourage clients to think outside the box, USB boxes remain the top choice.
  • Because USBs are a little chunky, we like to use Foam Wells that are custom cut for the USB we are manufacturing for you.
  • Cardboard Wells can also be made to hold USBs securely.
  • And of course you can add lots of items to a USB package including discs, cards, and books.
  • We can also help with uploading your data.

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If you see particular features that you’d like to incorporate into your project, then let us know! Send us the name of the title along with a quote request so we’ll know what you like.

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