The Bells & Whistles Page of Fastener Add-ons

We love to make custom projects and because we have creative clients (hint – you should be one of them), we have a large portfolio of really fun add-ons we can show you. Almost all of our packages are shrink wrapped to protect items during shipping, but you may want a fastener that helps with reusability (ribbons, magnets, velcro) or promotional items that may be discarded after the initial opening (OBI Strips and Belly Bands).  Alternatively, re-sealable bags can be used instead of shrink-wrap which are especially popular on Japanese LPs.  Just let us know what you need to add on, and we can most likely do it!

OBI Strips & Belly Bands

Multidisc CD DVD Set Leather Vinyl Wrapped Box with Digipaks and Spiral Notebook Belly Band 4C

OBI Strips and Belly Bands go around a package and are used for promotion or retail presence. The packaging can be a box set or a Japanese LP type of album, or really anything. Dimensions are whatever you need them to be. If you don’t want a bar code printed on the main package, then you might consider printing one on a belly band.

  • Any size or shape
  • Usually 4C printed
  • Can have a bar code
  • Works with stickers

Stickers & Tab Seals

Clear spine tab sticker 1C print on fiberboard cd jacket clear sticker 1C

Stickers are easy for us to make and apply, or we can leave them loose in the package for your clients to enjoy. They can be clear / transparent or full color on white. Additionally we can make them any shape or size. Bar code stickers are also available.

  • 4C on white
  • 1C transparent
  • Any size, shape
  • Applied or left loose
  • Bar code options

Ribbons & Ties

Reusable Fastener Custom Closure string tie on dvd book packaging
Ribbon Tie

We can add ribbons or ties to a package. You could use a ribbon under a tray in a box to help lift the product out, or you could add one simply as a decorative item. They do add a distinctive touch to any project. If you can let us know your needs, then we can source for just the right fit.

  • Ribbon
  • String, Ties, Jute
  • Functional, to lift items out
  • Decorative


Magnetic closure hidden inside a fiberboard jacket

We can embed magnets in packaging as long as the packaging isn’t too thick (like chipboard). This is because the magnetic pull needs to reach across the material in order to give a snappy close. When done right, the package will give a very satisfactory “SNAP” and close securely.

  • Hidden magnets
  • Snap closure
  • Affected by thickness of material and magnet strength

Velcro Tabs

Veclcro tab white on a multidisc portfolio box

Velcro tabs are available in black or white and can be applied to almost any packaging as long as we have two sides to work with. Tabs provide a reusable fastener and keep items from dropping out.

  • Black
  • White

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