Tell us about your project!

Tell us about the media and packaging you want to manufacture. If you have a spec (normally this is from your graphics artist), we can do a detailed manufacturing cost for you. Otherwise we can go over feasibility and give you a ballpark figure to start you down the right path.  We are happy to help fill in the details or make recommendations. A budget is super helpful to make sure we are suggesting things that work in your price range.

Project Name (The Smith’s Deluxe Release Box Set, Ferguson Showroom, etc.)
(Minimum quantity is 300 units (500 qty if packaging only).
Type: Discs (CD, DVD, BluRay), USB, Video Screen
      Number of Each (2 cds + 1 dvd5, mixed set vinyl record + 1 cd, etc. )
      Packaging Only (no media)

     Type (boxes, digipaks, LPs, jackets, books, booklets, slipcases, etc.)
     Dimensions (5×5″, 8×10″, etc.)
     Materials (Chipboard core with linen, 4C 310gsm, 15/16pt, etc.)
     Printing & Finish Requirements (4C cmyk, pantones, foil, matte lamination, etc.)
     Book / Booklets Details (Number of pages, binding type, etc)

Proofing (PDF, physical, test discs, press proofs, etc.)
Assembly (Usually insertion & shrinkwrap, bulk if you are inserting your own media)
Shipping (standard one address in US, express, split, overseas – provide address)
Schedule (In-hand need date)
Budget (Approx.)