Let’s Get Started –
                       what do you want to manufacture? Many projects fit into several categories. Choose one that has the closest main component. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to add in other details. 

Media Box Sets & Slipcases
(Box Sets for Books, Discs, Vinyl, etc…
focuses on box details)

Retail Item Box Sets & Bellybands
(Skincare, Cosmetics, Bottles, etc…this form
focuses on how the retail product will be held)
Hardcover Books & Slipcases
(Hardcover, softcover, perfect bound,
notebooks, etc…this form has details
about book pages, binding,
and covers)
Vinyl Record LP Packaging / Mixed Media
(Vinyl Sized, LPs, Covers, Inner Sleeves, etc.
…basically all things vinyl record related)
Discs & Disc Packaging
(Digipaks, Jackets, Multidisc Sets,
Slipcase Sets, etc….focus is on discs)
Video Player Packaging
(Any type of packaging with a video screen,
this form has all the video player details)
USB & USB Packaging
(Drives and USB packaging,
has the USB drive details)