Below are some photos of chipboard packaging we have made for clients.

Chipboard Material

Chipboard is a thick, gray colored slab that is used inside of rigid packaging, such as deluxe product boxes, video panel retail boxes, hardcover books, 3 Ring Binders, blue note LPs, and rigid slipcase boxes. A cigar box is a good example! Chipboard is generally measured in OZ rather than gsm or pt stock and has a thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm but the thickness of the chipboard we will use depends on the product. For example, Hardcover books usually use 24oz chipboard but Blue Note LPs use a slightly lighter weight.

Lighter weight art card products such as jackets, digipaks, covers, wallets, and regular slipcases are usually made with stocks such as 310 gsm (15/16pt) or 380 gsm (18pt), and are directly printed.

As another good example, cereal boxes are made of an even lighter stock, usually closer to 200 gsm.

Wrap Options

Because the chipboard material is not suitable for direct printing, it needs to be wrapped with paper or a material such as linen or leather. Wrap options include the following:

  • 4C Printed paper wrap with lamination to seal it (works with all art)
  • Linen (wide weave) with very simple 1C silkscreening or foil (art dependent)
  • Fabric paper (narrow weave) with silkscreen or foil (art dependent)
  • Leather (faux, man made) with foil stamping, optional debossing