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LCD Video Screen Manufacturing - Video Panel Technical Specs

The Video Screen (aka Video Panel) ia a part of a video player that we manufacture and embed into customized video player packaging. Most people focus on the video screen, but the screen is actually just one component of the video player. Each video player unit contains an LCD video screen, speaker, control buttons, and an USB port for the video uploading. It is a stand alone video player that becomes part of the packaging. Because the video players need to be customized, they cannot be sold without the packaging.

On this page you’ll find information about:

  • Video Screens
    • Size
    • Type IPS/ LCD
  • Video Source Media Formats
  • Video / Control Buttons
  • Memory & Battery
  • Video Player Stand-Alone Operation
  • USB Port for Uploading New Video

Video Player Manufacturing
Video Screen / Video Panel Technical Specs

Video Player Components

The video player contains the following components:

  • IPS / LCD Video Screen
  • Video Control Buttons
  • Speaker / Volume Control Buttons
  • Internal Battery & Memory
  • USB Port for Video Uploading
  • Embedded in Custom Printed Packaging

Customized Buttons

  • Magnetic Auto Play
  • Video Buttons
  • Control Buttons:
    • Play/Pause
    • Off/On
    • Volume Up/Down, Mute
    • Video Forward/Back (Next/Prev), Fast Forward, Fast backward,
  • Extra Buttons Available for Additional Functionality, Max number is 12 buttons

Video Formats

  • Video Formats:
    Best: MP4, AVI,
    Other: FLV, MOV, 3GP, ASF
  • Music Format: MP3
  • Photo Format: JPG

Video Screen Sizes & Types

Video Screen Sizes

  • 2.4″
  • 2.8″
  • 4.3″
  • 5″
  • 7″
  • 10.1″

Video Screen Types

  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) / IPS (In Plane Switching)
    A layer of liquid crystals is sandwiched between two glass surfaces, this allows the video to be viewed from any angle

No Internet or Phone Required

The video player operates independently as a standalone unit. Because there is no need of internet connection or even a phone signal, the video player can be used anywhere! Your end client or user will not need to set up a special connection or do any installation to see the video so they’ll see your video instantly.

  • No Internet Connection Required
  • No Phone Connection Required
  • Instant Video, No Set Up Required

USB Port for Uploadable Video

We will program the buttons to align with the video for the initial release of the product, but you can change the video at any time via the USB port.  You can use this for:

  • Customizing the entire video, or just a chapter
  • Personalizing the video
  • Seasonal or annual updates
  • Recording of live events

Internal Memory & Battery

Our video players come with an internal battery as well as memory. We’ll recommend components based on the playtime and size of your video.
There is also an optional recharging cord.

  • Memory 128M – 4GB
    •     128M works for 1-2 minutes video, 256 works for 3-5 minutes video
  • Battery – up to 1500 mAh
    •      Play time up standard battery is about 90 minutes
      but with larger batteries this can go up to about 8hours

Let's get the Conversation Started!

Tell us about your project needs

Step#1   Tell us about your project
Use our quote request form to get in touch with us. Tell us about what you need and we can help you with a spec and estimate.

Video Packaging Specs:

  • Quantity you want to order
  • Type of Video Player Packaging you want
  • Packaging details if you know them:
    Dimensions & Features / Printing / Materials
  • Video Screen Size
  • Number of Buttons / Functions (e.g., 5 video buttons plus vol +/-, or just play/pause)
  • Any other special features you’d like to explore

Step#2   Art Templates
Once your order is placed, we’ll start work on your art templates. Printed packaging is usually the most involved leg of a project, so we like to get this started first. We’ll send you the templates and you can get to work on the layout.

Step#3   Source Media
Print Ready Art Files
When you’re done with the art layout, send us back the art in the templates and we’ll start processing them.

Formatted Video/Source Files
We will sync up the programmable buttons with your video and other files if you have them.

  • Video Formats: MP4, AVI, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV, 3GP, ASF

You can get the art and video to us via your project DropBox (we’ll set this up).

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Additional Information about Video Players and the Video Player Packaging they come in!

About Video Panels, Tech Specs

Video Players Technical Spec

  • IPS LCD Video Screen
  • Screen Sizes
  • Control Buttons
  • Speaker
  • Internal Battery & Memory
  • USB Port
  • Initial Menu Programming
  • Uploading New Video
  • Video Formats

Placing an Order

Video Packaging

Overview of All Video Panel Packaging Types

What types of video player packaging do we make?

Printing & Materials

  • Printing
  • Special Inks
  • Special Materials


Video Packaging used for Marketing & Branding

  • Industries
  • Types of Promotional Packaging with Video Players
  • Video Brochures, Desktop Kiosks, Video Albums,
  • Video Notebooks, Concert in a Box, Retail Product Boxes
  • How to Order
  • Source Media
  • Video Player Functional Specs
  • Additional Photos
  • Demo Video

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