Marketing & Branding with Promotional Video Player Packaging

Marketing & Branding with Promotional Video Player Packaging

Marketing & Branding Promotional Video Player Packaging

If you are looking for a way to create promotional packaging to promote a brand, do marketing of a service or product, or to sell the product itself, we have you covered. Our special video player packaging gets the message video directly in front of the client or end-user.

Plays video & sound
No internet or phone signal needed
Video can be updated anytime
Can be made in any kind of promotional packaging
Custom printing
Customized buttons

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Types of Promotional Packaging with Video Players
Video Brochures, Desktop Kiosks, Video Albums,
Video Notebooks, Concert in a Box, Retail Product Boxes
How to Order
Source Media
Video Player Functional Specs
Additional Photos
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We’ve seen these used by numerous industries including med spa, pharmaceutical, realtors, school admissions, jewelry, cruise ships, car manufacturers, skin care products, electronics, and education / training. Video Player Promotional Packaging is an excellent way to deliver video directly to the client. Clients also use these for personal events, such as a wedding albums or family greeting cards.

Marketing & Branding with video panel packaging

Types of Promotional Packaging with Video Players

Video Brochures

Video brochure 7inch screen BMW

Video Brochures are a great way to get your video directly into the hands of purchasing decision makers. The video plays instantly upon opening, no set required.

  • Economical
  • Lightweight for distribution
  • Video can be updated anytime

Desktop Kiosks

Desktop Kiosks are great for lobbies. Play promotional videos while clients are waiting.

  • Available acrylic or artcard material
  • Multiple styles
Desktop kiosk video player promotional acrylic stand

Video Notebooks

Video Notebooks

Perfect for Educational (schools, universities, private lessons),
Training (in field safety, product or equipment installation), and
Workshops (life coach, sessions).

Video panel in notebook 3 ring binder horizontal
Video Notebook

Video Boxes

When the box opens, the video plays. Clients love these for presenting luxury products such as perfume, cosmetics, skin care, and car keys. We have full color boxes with spot gloss, leather with foil stamping, wooden boxes with spray paint, and sliding mini softcover boxes.

Video Box with LCD Panel 7Inch Screen, die cut wells for retail items, 7inch screen - Video Player Estimate


Concert in a Box TM

Concert in a box video player promotional packaging

Concert in a Box TM gives you the ability to send fans home with swag, and a recording of the concert can be sent after the live show.

  • Vinyl or CD Media
  • Optional other swag (books, tshirt, stickers, etc.)
  • Custom printed large box with video screen in the lid

Hardcover Video Books

Video Book promotional video plater packaging hardcover book with built in video panel

Video Player Books

  • Hardcover
  • Customizable screen size
  • Optional inner pages

Video Wedding Albums

Video Wedding Albums

Mass made and priced economically – a great (an affordable) wedding gift to give to the special couple. Small packages also available for family members or wedding gifts.

Video Player Albums
Video Wedding Album, linen fabric, 7 inch screen, 5 buttons, 4GB memory 1500mah battery, gold foil lettering, can be personalized or ordered Our Wedding

Estimate & Ordering

Use our quote request form to tell us about:

  • The type of promotional packaging you want the video player in
  • The screen size
  • Number of buttons / function
  • Quantity you want to manufacture

Let’s get the Conversation Started
Tell us about Your Project

When you are ready to order, we’ll send you a link to get the project started! We create a Project Dropbox to manage the manufacturing process.

Source Media

For source media, you’ll need:

  • Initial video to we can align the buttons to play it
    (you’ll be able to update the video if you want to anytime later)
  • Print ready artwork laid out on our templates
    (we’ll provide the template for you)

Video Player Functional Specs

  • Video Panel Screen Sizes
    • LCD Monitor 2.4″, 2.8″, 4.3″, 5″, 7″, 10″
  • Internal Memory: 128M – 4GB+
  • Video Play Time: up to 8 hrs+
  • Video Formats: MP4, AVI, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV, 3GP, ASF
  • Music Format MP3, Photo Format JPG
  • Built in Speaker & Battery
  • Programmable Buttons
    • Play/Pause, Off/On, Volume Up/Down, Video Forward/Back
    • Extra Buttons Available for Additional Functionality
  • USB Port and Cable for Uploading Video
  • Optional AC Wall Charger

Additional Photos

Video Panel Screens Embedded in Promotional Packaging
Video Presentation Folders, Brochures, Boxes, NoteBooks, or Lobby Kiosk Stands

Video Player Packaging is a great way to directly deliver your video message directly to your clients or end-user.  The Video Panel Screens (LCD Monitors) are embedded in custom packaging that we create for you. Initially we program the video playback menu to match the buttons you choose, but after the initial set up, you can update the video as often as you like!

  • Video Panel Packaging options include:
    • Presentation folders with programmable video buttons
    • Brochures / Mailers for easy distribution
    • Boxes with retail items held in cushioned wells. Optional features such as leatherette wrap or diary locks.
    • Hard Cover Books with inner pages.
    • Stand Alone Lobby Kiosks
    • Educational Notebooks for Remote Learning (as in the Teach ME System) with optional pop-up stands for the screen and 3 ring binders.

Check out the Teach Me Video Notebook!

Video Screen Notebook Educational/Training

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