Boxes with Video Player, Promotional Video Boxes

Boxes with Video Player, Promotional Video Boxes

What are they?
Custom made promotional video boxes with a video player embedded in the box.

How do Video Players work?

We make a video player that we embed in the packaging, for video boxes this is usually in the lid. When the user opens the box, a magnet sensor triggers the video to play. Our video players do not require the internet or a phone signal, so there is no set up involved. We can design this to play one video or multiple videos.

  • Stand alone Video Player
  • No internet or phone signal
  • Single video clips or multiple
  • Custom buttons for video selection, play/pause, and volume.

Who uses promotional video boxes?

Luxury product retailers such as skin care or car manufacturers have been the biggest users historically, but the boxes need not be limited to this exclusive market. The video boxes are a good fit for any product with a promotional or instructional video.

  • Car manufacturers
  • Luxury products
  • Products with instructions
  • Products with personalized messages or thank yous.
  • Company awards

What styles and sizes do we make them in?

We make video boxes to the specification you need. We do not buy boxes pre-made or stock any boxes, so we can make them any size you’d like, and with any material.

  • Custom box sizes
  • Hinged lid or 2 piece
  • 4C over rigid chipboard
  • Leather box
  • Wooden box
  • EVA Foam product holders
  • Box with pull out drawers
  • Mini sliding box made with lighter stock artcard

Can I change the video later?

Yes! There is a usb port that allows you to upload new video clips at any time as long as the video structure is the same as the initial programming. For example, if you want 5 videos with 5 video buttons, each one corresponding to a specific video you would want to stick to that same structure (i.e., not 6 videos).

  • Buttons match video menu options
  • Video initially loaded
  • Video can be changed
  • USB Upload

Do the video screens come in different sizes?

The video screens come in a variety of sizes from 2.4inch up to 10inch so you can chose a size that works well with your design and packaging size. You can learn more about the screens and technical specs on the following page:

Are there other types of promotional video packaging?

Yes, we also make the following types of video packaging:

Photos of Promotional Video Boxes
Boxes with Video Players 

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