Video Player Estimate – Custom Packaging Manufacturing

Use this form for your Video Player Estimate including the following types of items:

  • Notebooks with Video Players
  • Hardcover Books with Video Players
  • Desktop Kiosks with Video Players
  • Deluxe Product Boxes with Video Players
  • Video Brochures
  • Video Greeting Cards
  • Video Wedding Albums


What are Video Players?

Video Players are custom made packages that have a built in video screen.  They require a good amount of customization. We can embed the video screen in many types of packaging, including brochures, cards, albums, boxes, books, notebooks, tabletop kiosk displays, and more. The video player is initially programmed with your video to align with the buttons, but the video can be updated by you whenever you want to customize it. Perfect for educational, training, wedding albums, greeting cards, and any advertising or marketing needs. The video players are stand alone and do not require internet or phone.

Tell us about your project!

We’ll need to know about the type of packaging you want the video player in, and some information about the video it will be playing so we can configure the video player correctly for you. If you don’t have all the details, it’s ok! We can put in some default options for you. 

Here’s what we’d ideally like to know:

(Most are 50qty minimum, some special items like wedding albums can be ordered as few as 1 unit.)
Packaging Details
     Type – Brochure, Box, Book, Notebook, Kiosk, Album, Card, etc.
     Dimensions, Printing, Materials
     Screen Size
     #of Buttons
Proofing (PDF, physical, test discs, press proofs, etc.)
Assembly (insertion & shrinkwrap, or bulk if you are going to insert items)
(standard one address in US, express, split, overseas – provide address)
Schedule (approx. manufacturing date)
Budget (approx. range)




    -- Special Proofing, Assembly, or Shipping


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