Matte Paper & Effects – Uncoated, Recycled, Kraft & Organic Fiberboard Paper

Matte Paper & Effects – Uncoated, Recycled, Kraft & Organic Fiberboard Paper

Matte, Uncoated, Recycled, Fiberboard, and Kraft Paper Stocks, as well as Matte Lamination & Matte Effects on Discs

Here are some of our favorite paper stocks for creating your title:

Matte Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper stock digipak
Pathway to Eden

Matte uncoated paper has a lovely soft feel and look to it. Because there is no coating, the ink bleeds a bit and saturates the paper. It is the go-to choice for vintage or retro titles. It is also good for pastels, art prints, and water colors.
Think: soft, fuzzy edges.

  • Soft, absorbent paper
  • Water colors
  • Art prints
  • Vintage
  • Retro
  • Tip – Don’t use with fine text, use coated and apply a matte finish.


Coated White Stock for photos
Salatin Sea Large Box Set – Coated Paper for photos

White coated paper is the default paper stock for artwork. Coated paper is ideal for “crisp” art or photos. The coating prevents ink from saturating the paper so there is very little spread.
Think: white, crisp canvas.

  • Crisper photos
  • Vibrant colors
  • Fine text

Organic Fiberboard Paper

Fiberboard cd jacket made with organic unbleached, recycled stock packaging

Fiberboard paper is eco-friendly because it is reclaimed, end of chain, pulp material that is normally discarded. The pulp is used to create a fibrous paper stock. Because it is left unbleached, there is a brownish color to it.
Think: homespun, burlap.

  • Unbleached, brownish paper
  • Organic, Eco
  • End of chain pulp material normally discarded for finer papers
  • Fibrous texture
  • Tip – if you need a true color, spot white ink under that color will help.

Recycled Paper

Recycled paper eco friendly packaging uncoated paper Pategonia
Patagonia Recycled Stock

Our default paper contains 70-80% recycled, post consumer waste which is higher than the EPA’s definition of recycled paper (50%). We can do 100% recycled paper if desired, but we find the high pcw fiber percentage isn’t very firm.
Think: ECO commitment.

  • Exceeds EPA definition of recycled
  • Our paper is 70-80% !
  • 100% recycled available but not recommended

Kraft Paper
Black or Tan

Kraft paper disc sleeves swinging sleeves in dvd book
Heart Linen Jacket with Black Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an uncoated paper available in a tan or black color. Black is a popular option for inner wraps on LPs and books. Because the tan paper is somewhat sepia toned, it is often used for vintage titles.
Think: scrapbook.

  • Black or Tan
  • Black is usually unprinted but tan can be printed
  • Retro LPs
  • Vintage
  • Scrapbook
  • Fibrous, thin paper
  • Glued-on Disc Sleeves
  • Inner wraps
  • Box lining

Matte Lamination

Matte Lam Slipcase with spot UV gloss underneath
WTF Slipcase showing Spot UV Gloss/Matte Lam

If you want a really pronounced matte look, you may want to consider matte lamination which is a heat sealed layer of plastic applied on top of the paper. The lamination results in a hard, matte shell. Also, bonus points for no fingerprints!
Think: velvety.

  • Lamination can be Matte or Gloss
  • Heat Sealed, hard plastic covering
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fantastic contrast with Spot UV Gloss.

Matte Effects on Discs

Spot gloss on disc surface

Disc printing can be up to 6 colors, and one of those can be a matte ink. Because the order of ink printing is very important in specialty prints, a test disc is recommended to view the results.

  • Matte Ink
  • Specialty PMS Inks
  • Test Discs are needed to proof the final effect

Cork Hubs

Kraft paper wrap across inside cd jacket cork hub inner booklet attached to kraft paper wrap, plastic free organic

Cork Hubs are a great way to do plastic-free packaging. They also can be used on unusual sized packaging. Because the cork color is naturally sepia toned or aged, clients often pair it with tan kraft paper or fiberboard paper. Cork Hub


Color matches Tan Kraft or Fiberboard Stock

Works well with unusual sized or shaped packaging

Recycled Paper Trays for Digipaks

Recycled Paper Tray

Recycled paper can also be used to create disc trays for digipaks. Paper stock is 100% pcw and the tray has a cork hub in the center.

  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • Cork Hub
  • 5″ Tray Height

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