Custom Jackets & Die Cut Covers

Custom Jackets & Die Cut Covers

CD DVD Custom Jackets

CD DVD custom jackets can be made in any shape or size so feel free to be creative! Custom Dies and Shapes can be made to form the jacket in any way that you can design it.

  • Common Height Dimensions:
    • CD Height 5″
    • DVD Height 7″,
    • Multidisc 9″ and 10″
    • Custom
  • #Panels Across:
    • 2pp Minijacket
    • 4pp Bifold
    • 6pp Trifold
    • 8pp & 10pp Gatefold
    • 12pp & 14pp Cross or Plus Shape

Ways to hold the discs- pockets, sleeves, and hubs

  • Pockets – many, many styles
  • Swinging sleeves – hold 1 or 2 discs, solid color, or 4C printed
  • Glued on sleeves – often made of kraft paper
  • Hubs – Foam or Cork

Japanese Releases & LP Covers

  • Add OBI Strips and Resealable bags for Japanese Style Releases
    Any thickness / dimension can be made
  • LP Covers can be made either using rigid chipboard (see our special page on that)  or can be an LP style jacket which usually has the pocket facing outwards

Adding Magnets, Velcro Tab Closures, Strings & Ties

  • Magnets can be added to give a package a snap-to feel.
  • Velcro Tab Closures can be added. Available black or white
  • Ribbons, string, and ties can also be added for fun embellishment
    See our special page on this!

Matte, Uncoated and Fiberboard Paper Stocks

  • Thicknesses of Paper Stock:
    • 12pt, 15/16pt, 18pt, 21pt, etc
    • Chipboard core available too
  • Types of Paper:
    • Coated White with Semi-Gloss Aqueous, Matte or Gloss Varnish
    • Matte Uncoated White
    • Recycled 20-30%, 70-100% pcw
    • Fiberboard – unbleached brownish paper made from end of chain pulp material

Special Printing Effects like Foil, Spot Gloss, Embossing, Debossing

  • Hot Foil Stamping – super shiny reflective foil
  • Spot Gloss UV / Matte Lamination – clear gloss applied to highlight small areas
  • Embossing – raised relief
  • Debossing – indented
  • Metallink Inks – matte ink printing
  • Matte or Gloss Lamination – a heat sealed layer of plastic, provide a protective layer.
    • Matte is super velvety
    • Gloss is super shiny

Video Presentation Jackets

A new hot marketing innovation that allows you to put a video message directly in front of your customers. Check out some of the fun titles. You’ll recognize a lot of the names!