Custom Packaging Photos

Check out some of our custom packaging photos!

Variety of Media & What makes Custom Packaging Custom

On this page, you’ll see a large variety of our projects including various media components such as CD or DVD Discs, USBs, and Video Screen LCD Panel titles that we’ve made for clients.  We prefer to make media as well as packaging, but can sometimes be talked into packaging only. Our packaging is almost always custom because we play around with unique die cuts, paper stocks, inks, finishes, folding, custom closures, and lots of fun stuff inside.  As a result, there’s pretty much nothing we can’t make.

Browsing for Ideas & Requesting a Manufacturing Quote

Feel free to browse for ideas and let us know what features you want in your spec! When you are ready to manufacture, send us an email or use our Quote Request Form.  Because we are a commercial manufacturer, our presses do require a minimum order of about 500 units to make it cost effective to manufacture.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find more Photo Gallery Links that are grouped by category.  These general types of media / packaging links might be helpful as well:
USB Manufacturing  / USB Packaging  
LCD Video Panel Manufacturing / Video Packaging
CD/DVD Replication
Deluxe Boxes     Digipaks    Hardbound Books     Die Cut Jackets     LPs/Retro     Everything Chipboard
Very fun printing effects      organic paper stocks    adding on strings, bells & whistles       fabric, linen, hemp, vinyl