Linen Wrapped Boxes and Books,
Hemp Fabric, Vinyl & Leatherette Material

  • Linen wrapped boxes are an awesome way to present a classic set, an ageless choice.
  • Also available: Hemp Fabric, Leatherette, Vinyl Materials
  • Deluxe Box Sets to hold cds, dvds, usbs, video screens, books, and retails items
  • Hardbound Books, CD / DVD Books, Video Books
  • Fabric or Material Wrapped Chipboard Box Slipcase Sets
  • Vinyl or CD LP Box Sets with inner sleeves
  • Printing on fabric  is best suited to a 1C black silkscreen or foil stamping.
  • Printing on leatherette or vinyl materials is best suited to foil stamping,
    although these can be debossed.
  • Core material for these products is a rigid chipboard