Digipaks, Traditional & Custom Tray

Digipaks, Traditional & Custom Tray

CD DVD Digipak Packaging uses a Tray to Hold the Disc

  • CD DVD Digipak disc trays come in pre-formed sizes. Generally we use clear trays to as to not hide the printing underneath but solid trays can be used as well.  Paper Trays, which are made of 100% organic recycled paper are fun twist.
    • Clear Plastic Trays: 5 inch clear, 7 inch clear, 7 inch single disc or double disc
    • Organic Trays: 5inch only, 100% recycled paper with cork hub
  • Digipak Dimensions are usually build around the tray size, so are often 5″ or 7″ tall, but if we combine two 5″ trays on one panel, we can make a tall 10″ digipak. Alternately, we can do some gun layouts like a cross or plus shape and make altogether different arrangements. Each panel that holds a tray is referred to as a panel or pp for short, so typical digipak sizes may be a 4pp bifold, or 6pp trifold. Cross shapes might add up to 14pp.
    • Height: 5″ to 10″ depending on the number of panels up
      • 5 inch  “cd digipak
      • 7 inch “tall / dvd digipak
      • 10 inch  “megatall” with one or two panels stacked vertically
    • Width: 5″ to 5depending on number of panels across
      • 4pp
      • 6pp
      • 8pp
      • 10pp
      • 12pp
    • Cross or Plus shapes typically do 3 or more horizontal panels and vertical panels. These fold up to one square box set.
      • 12pp
      • 14pp

Special Digipak Paper Stocks – Uncoated, Matte, Fiberboard, Thick

Standard paper stock is a 15/16pt thickness, coated white paper. Coatings can include a standard semi-gloss aqueous, or matte or gloss varnish. Some other options you can choose:

  • Extra thick 18pt, 21pt thickness
  • Matte Uncoated white – Without varnish, paper is absorbent and inherently matte
  • Recycled Paper – Standard is 20 – 30% pcw, available up to 80-100% pcw
  • Fiberboard Stock – Unbleached organic brown paper, made with end of chain pulp material

Custom Digipak Die Cut Designs

A die cut can be used to create a special shape. Generally with digipaks, the packaging is fairly square  or rectangular due to the shape of the tray, but many of our digipak titles use a die cut in the front panel to emphasize certain elements. Popular options are:

  • Shapes and patterns
  • Lettering Cut outs
  • Windows & Holes

Special Printing Effects like Foil, Spot Gloss, Embossing, Debossing

We do a tremendous amount of special effects printing:

  • Hot Foil Stamping – super shiny reflective foil
  • Spot Gloss UV / Matte Lamination – clear gloss applied to highlight small areas
  • Embossing – raised relief
  • Debossing – indented
  • Metallink Inks – matte ink printing
  • Matte or Gloss Lamination – a heat sealed layer of plastic, provide a protective layer.
    • Matte is super velvety
    • Gloss is super shiny

As you’ll see, between our printing effects and die cuts, we make some very fun and custom digipaks!