CD / DVD Box Set Replication

  • Deluxe Box Set Packaging

CD / DVD Box Set Replication

CD DVD Box Sets can be made with a rigid chipboard core material.

  • CD DVD Box Sets can hold almost any number of CD or DVD discs, in addition to other types of media such as USB thumb drives, vinyl, or books. Retail items can also be held using foam wells.
    • CD DVD Discs
    • USB Thumb Drives
    • Vinyl
    • Books
    • Retail Items
  • Boxes are constructed with a rigid chipboard core material and laminated with a 4C printed wrap on top. They are quite similar to cigar boxes. Due to the rigidity, they cannot be collapsed. You have a choice of matte or gloss lamination on the boxes. Alternately, instead of a printed paper wrap, boxes can be wrapped with Fabric such as linen or hemp or Material like leatherette or vinyl for a more classic look. Boxes typically contain items inside like individual jackets and digipaks.
    • 4C Printed Wraps with Matte or Gloss Lamination
    • Linen Fabric
    • Hemp Fabric
    • Leatherette Material
    • Vinyl Material

Slipcases are made of a paper stock between 15/16pt and 21pt thickness.

  • Slipcases are not as rigid as chipboard boxes and can be collapsed flat. Slipcase sets bundle together items like disc packaging & books, or multiple discs packaged in jackets, digipaks, or cd dvd books. They can be made tube style which is a pass through, or with one side open, or fully enclosed like a box.
    • Tube Slipcase (pass through, sides are open)
    • Spine side open
    • Fully enclosed (like a box)
    • Notches
  • Printing is generally on the outside only but can be on the inside. Construction can also be double walled for extra thickness and to bring some of the  outside printed panel to the visible inside
    • 4C/0C (unprinted inside)
    • Double Walled for extra thickness and some inside printing
    • 4C/1C or 4C/4C for inside printing

Box Set & Slipcase Set Dimensions

As with all our packaging, we can make these any dimension you need and to fit whatever the contents are.
Popular dimensions are:

  • 5×5 “cd size”
  • 5×7 “dvd size”
  • 8×8 “book set size”
  • 9×12 “letter size”
  • Custom

Video Boxes which typically have the video LCD panel in the box lid is a new marketing innovation we offer.