Perfect Bound Book vs Saddle Stitch Binding 

  • A Perfect Bound Book refers to both the binding and trimming.
    • Perfect Binding is where the pages and booklet cover are glued together at the spine with a very strong glue. The pages are trimmed for a clean, “perfect” edge.
    • To create a perfect binding / spine, one needs to have a large number of inner pages. More than 28 pages, preferably more but it can depend on the paper thickness.
    • You can do perfect binding on a softcover book, or with the inner pages on a hardcover book.
    • The spec includes the cover, so for example: 4pp cover + 48pp inner pages.
  • Saddle Stitched binding has 2 staples that straddle the central fold.
    • Definition courtesy of Merriam Webster) –  a stitch made by placing the center of the fold (as of a magazine or pamphlet) across the saddle of the stitcher and driving wire staples through and clinching them on the inside.
    • This binding is better for a smaller number of pages, and used in items like booklets or magazines.

Hardcover vs Softcover Books

  • Hardcover Books have a rigid cover with a chipboard core material inside.
    • The chipboard is wrapped with a 120gsm printed piece of paper. The full color printing is referred to as 4C if it is cmyk artwork.
    • We also wrap books with linen, fabric or a leather wrap.
  • Softcover  versions are made with thicker paper stock covers, and thinner inner pages.

Vellum and Fly Sheets

  • Vellum paper is also available for special art designs.
  • Fly Sheets are special pages inserted into the book in the front an back, frequently a matte black material

Spiral Bound Notebook or 3 Ring Binder

  • Spiral Notebooks have either a metal or plastic spiral.
  • Metal Rings are available for classic 3-ring notebook style.
  • Notebooks for writing in typically use an unfinished, uncoated paper inside.