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Deluxe Box Sets made with Rigid Chipboard Core, and a Printed Wrap, or Fabric or Leather Vinyl Material

Deluxe Box Sets - Rigid Chipboard Core

Box Set Packaging is generally made with a rigid core material called chipboard. The chipboard is wrapped with either a printed paper wrap which is laminated, or a material like linen or faux leather.  The boxes can be made in a any size or shape.

Deluxe Box Set Rigid Chipboard Core

Top Loading Deluxe Box Set PhilipGlass

Top Loading Box with Discs Packaged in Jackets

We made a top loading chipboard box with a detachable lid for this title. Inside, we packaged the discs in individual 2pp jackets, plus a booklet.

Linen Fabric Wrap with Foil Stamping

We can wrap the box set with either a fabric like linen or hemp. These types of cloths have a fairly loose weave so printing is best done with a simple silkscreening design.

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Deluxe Box Sets Linen wrapped CD & Vinyl Boxes, Foil Stamp

Linen wrapped CD & Vinyl Deluxe Box Sets

CD & Vinyl Box Sets

If you want to produce a matching cd and vinyl set, we can help with that. CD sets are frequently variations on 5inc, whereas vinyl record sets are 12inch. We can make the discs, inner packaging such as digipaks, and the vinyl inner sleeves as well as any posters. We do not however make vinyl records.

Hinged Lid and 2-Piece Box Packaging

Boxes can be functionally described as having a hinged lid, or as being two-pieces with a detached lid. We’ve made hinged and 2 piece boxes for a standard cd 5inch height, dvd height, educational workbook height, and vinyl record height. The depth can be what ever you need it to be to hold the contents. The shape can be non-traditional as well.

USB Deluxe Box Set Packaging

Dolby Hinged Box Set

Box Sets for Multiple Discs, USB, Photos, Booklets, Posters, Stickers, etc.

If you want to make a usb and a usb box, or a usb + disc box set, we can create those for you. USBs are typically held in either a foam well or tray, or a cardboard shelf.

Fabric Paper Wrap

Fabric paper is a wonderful way to provide texture to a chipboard product. This type of wrap can be silkscreened and captures a good amount of detail. Many of our clients choose this type of wrap when they want texture and detail that printing on linen can’t achieve. The fabric paper can be ordered in several colors.

Deluxe CD Box set chipboard core wrapped with fabric paper, 4discs in matte jackets

Rigid Slipcase Box Set, Fabric Wrapped, Essential Tremors

Rigid Slipcase Sets

Slipcases are usually made with an art card type of stock (310gsm, 15/16pt), however we can create rigid chipboard boxes. Products generally have to be about 2cm wide in order for us to tool the material. Chipboard can be wrapped with 4C print, or wrapped with a fabric paper, leather, or linen.

Deluxe Box Sets with Built in Sleeves

Kraft paper (available black or tan) can be used to line the inside of the book. It is left unprinted. If you want to print the inside of the book, that is ok to do as well. A printed wrap can be glued across the inside. Kraft paper also makes for a very nice glued on sleeve.
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Deluxe Packaging Box Set

8″ Box Set, Hinged, with Fold Out Sleeve, Lennon

Swinging Sleeves

We can create a sleeve to hold one or two discs that is part of the binding, so it swings like a very thick page. Swinging sleeves can be a solid color or printed, and can have a hole cut our or a thumb notch if desired.

Multi Disc Rigid Boxes

Multidisc Boxes can be made of a chipboard core and wrapped with either 4C print or a material. They can be made to hold multiple volumes of discs, each disc packaged in its own packaging. Common choices for the inner packaging include digipaks and jackets.
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Deluxe Box Set Leatherette wrap material on chipboard core spiral notebook and diipaks inside

Deluxe Leather Wrapped Chipboard Box Set, Side Loading Rigid Slipacase SteveBall

Leatherette or Vinyl Material Wrap

If you would like a leather bound box set, we have a leatherette type of material we can use. no, it’s not real leather, it’s actually a vinyl type of material. If you want to print it, we recommend Foil Stamping. Or you can do Embossing / Debossing.

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