Slipcases – CD DVD Titles

Custom Made Slipcases are made to fit Inner Packaging and Books. As with all of our titles, we make them to our client’s specification. These aren’t pre-made somewhere else, so we are able to customize the height and width.

  • Heights: 5″, 7″, 9″and 10″ are popular heights
    CD /
    5 Inch Height is a good fit for jackets,  jewelcases and digipaks (cd slipcase sets).
    DVD / 7 Inch Height is good for tall jackets, amaray cases,  and digipaks (dvd slipcase sets).
    Tall 9 and 10 Inch Heights are usually for portfolio folders, jackets or double height digipaks.
     Even Taller Heights are available too, for example, a slipcase set for 9 x 12″ Folder Sets or  vinyl LPs .
  • Widths are made to hold whatever it is we are making such as digipaks, jackets, books, booklets, notebooks etc.

    Construction Options for Slipcases

  • Single or Double Wall Construction – choose double wall if you want some of the material overlapped to the inside (also called “Lined“)
  • Tube Style, side or top/bottom pass through
  • One Spine Open
  • Completely Enclosed Box Style with a tuck flap

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