Slipcase Sets – Bundles CDs or DVDs, Multidisc Set Packaging

Custom Made Slipcase Sets are made to fit Inner Packaging and Books. As with all of our titles, we make them to our client’s specification. These aren’t pre-made somewhere else, so we are able to customize the height and width.

  • Heights: 5″, 7″, 9″and 10″ are popular heights
    CD /
    5 Inch Height is a good fit for jackets,  jewelcases and digipaks (cd slipcase sets).
    DVD / 7 Inch Height is good for tall jackets, amaray cases,  and digipaks (dvd slipcase sets).
    Tall 9 and 10 Inch Heights are usually for portfolio folders, jackets or double height digipaks.
     Even Taller Heights are available too, for example, a slipcase set for 9 x 12″ Folder Sets or  vinyl LPs .
  • Widths are made to hold whatever it is we are making such as digipaks, jackets, books, booklets, notebooks etc.

    Construction Options for Slipcases

  • Single or Double Wall Construction – choose double wall if you want some of the material overlapped to the inside (also called “Lined“)
  • Tube Style, side or top/bottom pass through
  • One Spine Open
  • Completely Enclosed Box Style with a tuck flap

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