Deluxe Box Sets

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Deluxe Box Sets

Custom made Deluxe Box Sets to hold CDs, DVDs, USBs, Vinyl Records, Books, and more!

What can go into a Box Set?

If you are making a CD DVD Box Set, you can include any number of CD or DVD discs, in addition to other types of media such as vinyl records, USB thumb drives, large books, booklets, posters, photos, art cards, download cards, and more.

  • CD or DVD Discs
  • USBs
  • Books, Booklets, Posters
  • Photos, Art Cards, Download Cards
  • Vinyl Record Albums
  • Retail Items

How do you hold the Items?

For smaller size box sets, discs are generally packaged in individual sleeves. For multidisc sets, custom fold out sleeves can be used. A glued on hub can be used to hold a disc as well. For items requiring more depth (like USBs), a foam well is usually used.

  • Fold Out Sleeves
  • Individual Disc Packaging (Inner Sleeves, Jackets, Digipaks, etc)
  • Hubs to hold Discs
  • EVA Foam to hold USBs or Retail Items

What Sizes are Common?

Our box sets are made to the specification you need. We do not buy them pre-made or stock them, so we make make any size you need. Usually box sizes revolve around “cd sizes”, a larger “software box size”, and a very large “vinyl LP size”.

  • USB / 4 inch variations
  • CD / 5 inch variations
  • Larger 7-10″ variations
  • Very large 12″ variations
  • Completely Custom

Rigid Box Sets

Box Sets can be made with a chipboard core material that makes them rigid in structure. They are fully formed and cannot be collapsed. If we are doing box set packaging without the inside contents, we made need a foam filler for shipping.

  • Top Loading
  • Side Loading
  • 2 Piece; Top Lid & Bottom
  • Hinged

Printing Rigid Box Sets

The chipboard is a grey board that is wrapped with either paper or material. Printed paper wraps are laminated with either a matte or glossy lamination. Other options include Fabric or Leather.

  • 4C Printed Wrap with Matte or Gloss Lamination
  • Linen Fabric, Silkscreened 1C or Foil Stamped
  • Leatherette/ Vinyl Leather, Foil Stamped or Debossed

Slipcase Sets

Slipcases are generally non-rigid and are collapsible. They are made of a paper stock (15/16pt to 21pt thickness, and can be double walled or laminated for additional thickness. Slipcase sets bundle together items like digipaks, cases, and books.

  • Tube Slipcase
  • Tuck Flap Slipcase
  • Doublewall
  • Laminated
  • Die Hole Cuts
  • Any size, but cd & dvd heights are common.

Video Boxes with LCD Panels 

We also make rigid boxes with LCD panels embedded in them. These are frequently used to hold a high end products with an advertising message (think perfumes, skin care, car keys). Car manufacturers like to promote cars with these.  We also see these used by education institutions (campus walk throughs), and video notebook products like Teach ME. Be sure to check out our LCD Video Panel pages.

Here are some photos of various boxes we’ve made that might give you some ideas: