Hardcover CD DVD Books

Hardcover CD DVD Books

CD DVD Books are Hardbound / Hard cover Books made with a rigid chipboard core.

  • CD DVD Books are made with a rigid chipboard core. These are hardbound (or hard cover) books, like text books or coffee table books. The core material is covered with a printed wrap that is laminated in place, or a fabric wrap. The construction technique of using a rigid core material and apply a wrap is called book binding.
    Outside wraps can be:

    • 4C Printed Wrap applied with Matte or Gloss Lamination
    • Linen Fabric Wrap
    • Hemp Fabric Wrap
    • Leatherette Wrap
    • Vinyl Wrap
  • A wrap is glued across the inside of the book. There are no unprinted inner spines, as the case with jackets or wallets.  Wraps are sometimes printed and sometimes made with a solid material.
    Inside wrap options:

    • Printed 4C
    • Kraft Paper, Black or Tan

CD DVD Book Dimensions

We can make cd dvd books any size, but clients typically choose a common size relating to a cd book or a dvd book. If holding the disc with a tray, the size is going to be restricted by the tray dimensions. Books with a hub or a sleeve, can be completely custom sized.

  • CD Books, usually 5×5″
  • DVD Books also called DigiBooks, usually 5×7″ or 7×5″
  • Custom sizes

Inner Pages / Booklets in CD DVD Books

Inner pages in a book are made in intervals of 4pp. Thinner booklets can be attached to the wrap at the inside spine. Thicker booklets need to be glued to an inside panel due to the weight, otherwise they will pull at the wrap too much.

  • Booklets 4pp – 28pp
  • Perfect Bound Books 28pp+
  • Fly Sheets also available

The Disc can be held with either a tray, a sleeve, or a hub

Discs can be held in a variety of ways. Common options include trays, hubs, or creating sleeves.

  • Clear Plastic Trays– Available 5″, 7″, single disc or double disc
  • Organic Trays – 100% Recycled Paper with Cork Hub
  • Hubs – Foam (black or white) or Cork
  • Glued on Sleeves – sleeves made of kraft paper, solid color material, or printed 4C, applied to inside panel
  • Swinging Sleeves – like a thick page, holds 1 or 2 discs, die cut hole or solid

Video Books are also available with LCD screens in the hardbound book panels.