MultiDisc Sets CD DVD Replication & Packaging


CD DVD Multidisc Sets

Customizable Number of Pockets, Multidisc Sets 2 - 16 Discs

This is a great set to hold 12 discs. We can make it for any number of discs as long as the pockets are in even numbers across the river divide. You could also place a booklet in one of the pockets in case you didn’t have an even number of discs.
multidisc sets cd dvd disc packaging riveted wallet


Rivets for Sturdiness

The rivets give this wallet a good amount of sturdiness, making it a nice compact book of discs.

Made for Any Number of Discs - TED SPEC Slipcase Set

We can make the TED spec for any number of discs. Generally each disc has it’s own 2pp jacket, but variations could include 2 discs in a 4pp jacket for example, especially if you wanted spine print on the jacket. The inner jackets are enclosed in a custom made slipcase.
Multidisc Sets Slipcase Set TED spec, 8 disc jackets

TED Spec – eco, cost effective solution multidisc set packaging

Cost Effective & Eco

This is one of our most cost effective specs. All of the paper items use the same stock & thickness. We recommend 15/16 pt. It is very eco friendly as well. No plastic. Choose recycled and/or fiberboard paper stock on the jackets and slipcase, along with soy inks.

MegaTall Digipak

Megatall’s are 10″ height. We can stack two clear 5″ trays on one panel so the title can hold multiple discs very securely. If you don’t have an even number of discs, we have a solution. We use a printed foam panel that is the same height as the tray. Clever huh? You make this 4pp up to 10pp, add booklets, and a slipcase if you wish.

BUG a megatall digipak

Tray Alternatives

Just in case you don’t want to use plastic trays, we also offer a very eco friendly paper tray. Lovely brownish color, 100% recycled material, cork hub in the middle. We can make a foam tray too, this is really handy if you have a usb. Pockets, sleeves, cork & foam hubs are good tray alternatives if you’d like them.

Vertical Loading Rigid Chipboard Box

So here’s a nice rigid, vertical loading chipboard box. We made individual 2pp jackets for the client and a booklet. This of course, like all our titles, can be made to any size or dimension. It could equally be side loading.
Multidisc set box, chipboard material with printed wrap, discs in jackets

Phillip Glass Box Set

Chipboard & Book Binding

A chipboard core is what lends this product it’s rigidity. Chipboard is a rather blase color of grayish-muck (ever deconstruct a text book?). We make it look presentable by laminating a 4C printed wrap onto it. We’ve also used fabric and leatherette as you’ll see in some of our other titles.

Tall Multidisc Jackets, Curved Pockets

Here’s a great way to include multiple discs in one printed package. We like the curved pocket concept, but it’s also ok to do the pockets straight if you prefer. We can go three discs to a panel, but the more paper material between the discs, the sturdier it is. Lamination (matte or gloss) is recommended for extra product strength.
Tall Multidisc kacket, three discs curved pockets

Kailo Spec, Tall jacket with curved pockets

Add an Insert / Booklet

We can use a tube pocket, a diagonal literature pocket, or pinch type of pocket to hold a booklet. If you’d like a business card in the package, we can build in a business card slot in the pocket and make the cards for you. If you have a larger booklet, we can also make a perfect bound book or a spiral bound book, and bundle them together in a slipcase set.

Multi - Digipak Volumes

The inner packaging on slipcase sets usually needs to have a spine, so we recommend digipaks. We can make these any number of panels , one or more trays per volume, and either 5 inch or 7inch tray heights.  Multi-volume sets are generally enclosed in a slipcase.
CD DVD Box sets slipcase holding multiple volume digipaks

Towncraft; Multi Volume DVD Digipak Slipcase Set


Slipcases - Custom Made to Fit

We custom make slipcases to fit whatever inner packaging we are making for you. Common options include heights from 5 inch to 10 inch, tube style, one spine open, or fully enclosed box style. We like to recommend double wall construction. Fun effects include die cuts windows, foil, spot gloss, and embossing.

ESI Custom Packaging, Media Manufacturing

  • Linen Slipcase set with gold foil stamping, uncoated stock digipak with art cards

Linen Wrapped Boxes and Books, Hemp Fabric, Vinyl & Leatherette Material

Linen Wrapped Boxes and Books, Hemp Fabric, Vinyl & Leatherette Material Linen wrapped boxes are an awesome way to present a classic set, an ageless choice. Also available: Hemp Fabric, Leatherette, Vinyl Materials Deluxe Box Sets to hold cds, dvds,...
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  • Box Set Leatherette wrap material on chipboard core spiral notebook and diipaks inside

Deluxe Box Set, LP, Hard Bound Book Binding Rigid Chipboard Packaging

Deluxe Box Set, LP, Hard Bound Book Binding Rigid Chipboard Packaging Chipboard is a core material that makes rigid products. It is wrapped with a 4C printed paper wrap or fabric or leather /vinyl type material. Deluxe Box Sets to hold retail...
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