Video LCD Monitor Panel Video Player Packaging


Presentation Folders, Boxes, Books, Kiosks

Video LCD Monitor Packaging

Video Presentation Folders can be made with any size screen and include programmable buttons.
LCD monitor panels are embedded in the packaging.
video lcd screen panel in presentation folder with 6 programmable buttons


7inch LCD Video Screen
Video Presentation Folder

LCD Video Panel Sizes

Video panels can be made in sizes from 2.4″ up to 10″, and the packaging can be made in any dimension.

LCD Monitor Sizes:

  • 2.4″
  • 2.8″
  • 4.3″
  • 5″
  • 7″
  • 10″

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Rigid Chipboard Boxes

Gift Boxes are made with a chipboard core and wrapped with either a printer paper wrap laminated in place, or a material such as linen, hemp, cloth or vinyl leather.
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LCD video screen box with die cut wells for retail items, 7inch screen

Bondi Perfume

Video Gift Box
7inch Video Screen in Lid

Foam Wells for Retail Products

Foam wells can be made to hold any type of retail item or we can create compartments with separators.

Lobby Kiosk Advertising

Placing a video tabletop kiosk in a lobby is a very effective way to deliver your advertising message to an audience.
Video Panel LCD Screen Stand Alone unit lobby kiosk die cut packaging

JP Morgan Kiosk

Video Lobby Kiosk
Trifold Tabletop Stand

Video Memory & Playtime

Video Monitors come with memory, a usb cable to upload the video , and a built in battery and speaker.

  • Memory: 128M – 4GB
  • Video play time up to 8 hours
  • Comes with USB Cable for Charging & Uploading Video
  • Built in Speaker & Battery

Hardbound Video Books with Inner Pages

Video Books can be made with inner pages, increments of 4pp.
Hardbound video book with inner pages and pocket

2016 Amateur

Video Book
Inner Pages
Literature Pocket

Literature Pocket & Business Card Slots

If you’d like to include additional literature, business reply cards or post cards, we can create a pocket for that. Business cards can also be included.

Video Notebooks, 3 Ring Binders

Training & educational notebooks can have 3 ring metal binders and pockets for literature.
Video Notebook on-line learning alternative remote learning 7 inch screen, pop up stand, 3 ring binder

TeachME – Video Screen Notebook

Video NoteBook
Metal Binder
Screen Stand
Literature Pocket
Bus Card / ID Card Slot

No Internet Required

The video players are stand alone units, so no internet is required. You can provide lessons or training anywhere, without the need of an internet connection.

Programmable Buttons

  • Programmable Buttons: Play/Pause, Off/On, Volume Up/Down, Video Forward/Back
  • Extra Buttons Available for Additional Functionality
Video Book Hard bound cover book, 5inch LCD video monitor

Studies Weekly

Hardcover Video Book

HardCover Books

Hardcover books are made using a rigid chipboard core that is wrapped with either a 4C printed paper laminated onto the chipboard, or a fabric type of material such as linen or hemp. Vinyl leatherette material can also be used to wrap the chipboard.
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