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  • Multidisc CD DVD Set Leather Vinyl Wrapped Box with Digipaks and Spital Notebook

OBI Strips, Belly Bands, Stickers, Ribbons, Magnets, and Velcro Tab Fasteners

ESI Manufacturing The Bells & Whistles Page of Fastener Add-ons We love to make custom projects and because we have creative clients (hint – you should be one of them), we have a large portfolio of really fun add-ons we... Read More
  • Reusable Fastener Custom Closure string tie on dvd book packaging

Reusable Fasteners, Custom Closures

ESI Manufacturing Reusable fasteners / custom closures not only look cool, but they help you keep the contents intact in your package. Adding Strings, Ribbons, Magnets and Velcro Tabs to CD DVD Vinyl & Video Screen Packaging: Strings, Ribbons and... Read More