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Deluxe Packaging & Custom Media Solutions

Deluxe Packaging, Custom Media Manufacturing

Creating Deluxe Packaging & Media Solutions

Multi Disc Sets, Retail & Mixed Media Boxes
Hardbound CD DVD Books, Retro LP Packaging,
Foil Stamping, Embossing, Spot Gloss, Linen & Leather Wraps
CD DVD BluRay Replication, USB Manufacturing , LCD Video Panel Programming

Manufacturing CD / DVD/ BluRay Discs with Custom Packaging

We manufacture all kinds of discs and custom packaging to go with them. You can create just about anything you can think up:

Deluxe Hardcover CD DVD Books
Fabric Wrapped or Leather Wrapped Boxes
Retro Packaging Vinyl LP Sets, BlueNote CDs, OBI
Multidisc Box Set Collections
Fiberboard, Eco Friendly, Recycled, Matte
Foil, Embossing, Metallics, Spot UV Gloss

Organic packaging, recycled, fiberboard, paper tray?

Yep, we do all this and more! Custom-r-us.
500 qty and up please

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USB Manufacturing and Custom USB Packaging

We manufacture lots of different types of USB drives and create custom packaging for them,

USB Dies – Swivel, Pens, Wood, Metal
Custom Printed with your Text
Custom Shape Dies
Deluxe Packaging Options
Data Preloading Options
Mixed Media (USB + Disc, Book, Card, etc) Sets

Deluxe packaging options for your custom USB needs.

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Video Panel Deluxe Packaging with LCD Monitors

Innovative advertising, video walk throughs, educational solutions.
LCD Monitors come in sizes from 2.4″ to 10″ size, embedded in all kinds of creative packaging or kiosks.

  • Programmable Buttons
  • Customizable USB Video Upload
  • LCD Video Panel Monitors
  • Custom Presentations Folders & Brochures
  • Deluxe Boxes for Retail Items (Perfume, SkinCare, Car Keys, etc.)
  • Stand Alone Kiosk Units (Office Advertising or Information)

Powerful and innovative video solutions!

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Meet ESI's Favorite Packaging Features

Take a look below at some of the most popular features we implemented in our customer’s titles.
Everything can be changed and customized to your own needs.

Thick Chipboard & Book Binding

Chipboard- the magic ingredient that makes a box rigid, an LP an LP and not a wallet, and a book hardbound. Add to that a printed wrap laminated around it, and now we have classic book binding.
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Organic Packaging

Choose from recycled, unbleached fiberboard, pulp material, uncoated varnish free papers, and plastic alternatives such as paper trays.
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Embossing & Debossing

Embossing is Raised Relief and Debossing is indented. A tactile way to accent a figure, logo, or title.
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Uncoated Matte Paper

A great way to do a vintage look. Uncoated papers are soft and somewhat absorbant, inherently matte.
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Linen Wrap

Fabrics are fantastic for a textile, old school approach. You can do simple 1C black silkscreening or a foil stamp….just like the old books.
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Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping is available in a multitude of colors. Give your title some major sparkle!
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We do all kinds of books; notebooks, glossy photo books, spiral bound, vellum flip books, softbound, hardbound. If the book has enough pages, we can do perfect binding which gives you that nice spine.
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Slipcases are custom made to go over the inner packaging (jackets, digipaks, cases) and any accompanying books.

Die Cut Packaging

Customize your packaging with die cut shapes, dimensions, holes, squiggles, lettering and what-nots.
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Spot Gloss & Matte Lamination

Velvety soft, understated…sometime more is less. Available with matte lamination, matte varnish, and beautifully contrasted with spot gloss.
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Ribbons & Magnets

We love the extra touches. Add a ribbon? Sure. Magnets & velcro for closure…closure that’s fun, imagine that!
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Kraft Paper

Black or tan kraft paper….nubby, classic, fun. The perfect inside lining or a sleeve. We love old school.
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Deluxe Packaging Custom Multidisc box set with leatherette wrapped chipboard box, digipaks and spiral bound notebooks inside

Deluxe Packaging, Custom Leather Box Set

Ready to Manufacture?

Feel free to browse our site if you need product ideas. Once you have your spec defined, shoot it over to us and we can let you know the costs to make it. Here is what we need to know:

Quantity (Min 300/500)
Type of media
Type of main packaging
(Paper Stock, Printing)
Any additional inserts / booklets / books?

Approx. idea of schedule and budget is helpful!